About Us

In the Beginning:

In the winter of 2012 a group of individuals from local churches attended an informational meeting about the issues facing Logan County. After prayerful consideration, an informal meeting was arranged with 20 congregations represented at that meeting.  The concept of Union Station was presented, and a Board of Directors was formed to pursue building options. We were blessed to acquire Southeastern Elementary from Bellefontaine City Schools. Since acquiring the building in July 2013, we have focused our ministry on the three areas: recreation, education, and outreach.  We have hosted activities in these areas as well as provided space for other organizations to do the same.  We have also become a part of different committees that are addressing the needs of our community and identifying gaps in services.


Union Station is a God sized vision and idea.  He has brought together a team people to get it started and every day He brings new people, vision and ideas.  We stand in awe of the great work He is doing here in Logan County and are blessed to be a part of it.

Where we're going:

Our mission is to partner with the body of Christ to identify and provide gospel-centerd ministries to meet the needs of our community.  We want to understand and get the information to others about what our community has to offer.  We also want to work with agencies and churches to create solutions for the issues still facing our community.  We know it is going to take everyone working together to conquor these issues. We encourage you to be part of the solution with us.


Statement of Faith