Basketball Training Opportunity

Calvary Christian School

The Calvary Christian Lady Spartans Basketball program has a unique opportunity starting the week of April 1st and running through the last week of July, 2019.  Huntsman Elite owner, Tray Huntsman has agreed to offer basketball training for our program at the rate of $30 per month per player.  This means that each participant can receive 8 hours of training a month for $30.  Tray generally charges $30 per session.  For a typical family, one child would have to pay $240 for 8 hours of training.  What a deal! 


Now, before we get a contract with Tray, I need at least 10 kids to commit to this arrangement.  We have to ensure that he is getting compensated for his time.  More than 10 kids can participate, but the 10 is what we need to get the ball rolling.  These 10 kids will have to sign an agreement that they will pay the $30 per month (April-July = $120 total).  Please make the checks out to Union Station or pay via Pay Pal.


Trainings will only be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm-5pm at Union Station for our Lady Spartans ONLY.  Ideally, players will train both days for that time.  However, we understand that possibly during the summer kids will have vacations or special events to attend.  Any session you miss is just that, you miss that training but the $30/month fee still applies.


I hope that we pack the gym out on Mondays and Wednesdays as this will only further develop basketball skills with the players (if we get enough we can also work on team concepts too).  Let’s be honest, these trainings do not mean that your child will receive a college scholarship offer by the time they graduate high school.  No matter the training, players still have to put forth the effort.  Tray and I will be in constant communication during this time (as I will possibly end up assisting Tray, because that is just who I am).  Regardless, you should also be in communication with Tray too.


This opportunity will advance not only your player's skill development but character development as well.  Tray Huntsman is a great man of God, who first does his best to honor Him.  I have known Tray for the past five years and there is not a better person, coach, mentor, and friend that I’d trust my child’s basketball development with.


Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.  If you are interested please sign this form and we will finalize the details to make this official.