Union Station's Dodgeball League

What began as an elementary school game played during PE classes has now become a competitive adult sport with a huge following. So, why not bring this to Logan County.  Union Station will offer it's first inaugural dodgeball league in August 2016.  This league will run ten weeks and teams will play up to 24-30 - best of three games througout the season.  This league will be fun, many laughs, ooohs and awes, and what a great way to stay healthy and fit!

This league is designed for individuals 16 and older.  It will be 6 vrs 6 and we suggest having at least 8 per team.  The max is 10 and the cost is $200 per team.  All games will be the best of three.  For more information on the rules please check the pdf. to the left of this screen.  You will play two sets of games on Tuesdays and Thursdays (pending how many teams register).  The regular season is established to get seeding for the tournaments to be held in late October.

Get your team together, and let's play Dodgeball!  Click to register below, please make sure you complete the waiver forms before the season starts (to the left of this page).