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Outreach Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance through Union Station you are required to come on a Tuesday or a Thursday AFTER the 15th of the month from the hours of 10am-12pm (we can make special appointments pending your working schedule). Plan on staying at Union Station for two hours and possibly longer to complete the needed paperwork and to meet with the Director and/or his assistants. Individuals are required to bring photo id, bills that need paid, and other important documentation to support your needs. 


We DO NOT help with:
Cell Phone Bills
Cable Bills
A Disconnect bill with service being shut off within 24/48 hours
A bill that is not in your name. The individual whom needs the assistance needs to come into Union Station.
Any CASH related “need”

If you are approved for assistance the checks will be processed on the 15th and 30th of the month and will be mailed directly to the vendor.


Please note that we do not help in every case. The money Union Station receives comes directly from churches whom want to utilize this service. The money received is what Union Station’s budget is set at on a monthly basis. Union Station takes this responsibility very seriously. We pray and ask God for wisdom for every individual. At times, Union Station may not have the needed funds to assist you.

If you are a church wanting to get involved with this Outreach ministry, please contact or call (937) 595-0043 to discuss this program. 

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