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In the recent community needs assessment, it was clear that substance abuse was one of the primary challenges faced by our community; unemployment and health/obesity also topped that list. Additionally, Logan County’s Prosecutor’s Office reported that the top convictions of 2017 were drug-related.


Union Station’s Community Summer Program will address these issues head-on for our youth participants. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are 5 main risk factors that lead to drug use/abuse:







These risk factors can be offset or reduced by enhancing protective factors. With a strategic curriculum designed around making healthy life choices, USCSP will strengthen and enhance protective factors in four out of five domains (individual, peer, school, and community).


In addition to offering a specialized curriculum (described below), USCSP will also actively focus on encouraging an appreciation for Logan County and what our community has to offer. As much as we will highlight making individual healthy life choices, part of our purpose is also to foster an understanding of what it means to be an active part of a healthy community.


USCSP will be centered on the “Camp Boost” curriculum developed by Healthy Lifestyle Choices (HLC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth with the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices for a lifetime. Based on best practices and independent research, HLC created a curriculum for grades pre-K through 8. These programs have proven to increase health knowledge and positively impact youth behaviors.


The Camp Boost curriculum gives youth the opportunity to play, socialize, be active and engage in enrichment activities all while learning and practicing vital health skills. It consists of seven units, each covering a specific health topic (see below).  Activities are designed to meet the varied learning styles of children. 

Camp Boost Curriculum Units


·         Life Skills

·         Substance Abuse Prevention

·         Conflict Resolution

·         Safety

·         Nutrition

·         Environment

·         Fitness


In a three-year thorough evaluation of the HLC program completed by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, it was found that children had vastly improved health literacy outcomes and that positive behavioral effects were also noted both at school and in the home. Specifically, as outlined on HLC’s website, a parent survey revealed the following:








This Community Summer Program will also offer a Biblical component for those parents/students who are interested through the Answer in Genesis Curriculum.  Exciting topics, a strong focus on Jesus our Savior, and faith-strengthening "apologetics" will take your child through the Bible in the order that things actually happened!  This will put your child on a life-long trek of exciting discovery of the truth of God's Word.


The USCSP program will be seven weeks, Monday-Friday, six hours per day from 9:30am to 3:30pm, and will include healthy lunches and activities.  The price is $123 per week or $860 for the entire program.

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